Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change DVD Training

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Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change is a DVD-based curriculum designed to provide a basic introduction to Christian wellness coaching and its application to congregational health ministries.

This interactive training program integrates coaching techniques, lifestyle change concepts and Biblical principles to equip you to help others change their lifestyle, reach their wellness goals and experience the abundant life Christ came to give.

Session 1: The Lifestyle Coaching Approach …explains what it is and why it is important for a congregation to include in their health ministry activities.

Session 2: The Gift of Perspective …introduces the mindset that a Christian Lifestyle Coach brings to a coaching conversation and a fundamental understanding of the process of lifestyle change.

Session 3: The Gift of Presence …presents key listening skills and the concept of defining a personal wellness vision as a first step when considering lifestyle change.

Session 4: The Gift of Clarity …offers techniques for asking questions to take a conversation a little deeper and help someone set lifestyle change goals, weekly action steps and strategies for meeting challenges.

Session 5: The Gift of Support …addresses approaches for providing support for lifestyle change and integrating faith with lifestyle coaching.

Session 6: Putting It All Together …explores how a lifestyle coaching approach can be incorporated into congregational health ministry activities.

“Lilly has produced a much needed guide for how to use wellness coaching in congregational life–thanks for making this accessible in a format churches can really use.”  Tony Stolzfus,

“Because of our exposure to a very humanistic approach to coaching, it was with some trepidation that we attended the Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change workshop. However, what we found were very Biblical principles to use in our interaction with people attending our health education programs.  We came away with tools for better listening and skillful questioning.  It gave us a way to motivate people  to reach their desired goals and allowed enhanced spiritual interaction.  We would recommend this program to anyone who wants to promote whole person health for their program participants—whatever program is being utilized.” Harry Nelson, MD & Lynda Nelson, MPH, Greeneville, TN