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Please help! Lyricist: 曾琳智 liú gěi wǒ yī wàng wú jì de sī niàn 為何你 Cinderella When you find this type song, you would find that the best one is Honey which is singing by Chinese female singers Maggie Cheung and Sun Li. zài xuán yá biān yī zhí dào hēi fà biàn chéng le yín xiàn Thanks. I Am Waiting For You song from the album Songs Of Love is released on Dec 2010 . Waiting For You   waiting for you, i’m waiting for you waiting for you, come here to my dream 牵著你 不断旋转 一直到黑髮变成了银线 waiting for you, waiting for you, 只到永远. Click the link and you will find the lyrics, pinyin, English translation, and of course, video too. ( made me stunned ) Chinese Composer: Chen Yong Qiang 陈永强. Baby  nǐ de yǎn jīng    shì yī wān   shēn suì de hú shuǐ ], Lyrics Translation: [ 天黑黑 | tiān hēi hēi | Dark Sky ], Lyrics: 北京祝福你 | Beijing zhu fu ni | Best Wishes From Beijing (Chinese, Pinyin, English), 當你要離開的時候 | dāng nǐ yào lí kāi de shí hòu | When You Want To Leave, 為你我受冷風吹 | wèi nǐ wǒ shòu lěng fēng chuī | Because of You I'm Blown by Cold Wind, 沒那麼簡單 | méi nà me jiǎn dān | It's Not That Simple. Tired of waiting for you For you For you This song can be found on the following releases: simulated stereo (2:30), recorded 17, 18, 24, 25 Aug 1964 at Pye Studios (No. I'm free I'm free And freedom tastes of reality I'm free I'm free And I'm waiting for you to follow me. I'm waiting for you Alecia Elliott (born 1982 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama) is a contemporary country music singer and actress. 讓我暈眩 eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'echinesesong_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',128,'0','0'])); When you find this type song, you would find that the best one is Honey which is singing by Chinese female singers Maggie Cheung and Sun Li.Many Chinese love songs cannot reach the peak that it made.It also effects many love songs behind it that they cannot break the music circle out. ( Hiding incredible beauty, ) Wo Yi Ran Deng Zhe Ni 我依然等着你 I’m Still Waiting For You Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Yu Lu 雨露. Although I'm Here Waiting For You by Li Wei is also a great Chinese love song which is very hot after online.It is a lot different with the traditional Chinese love song. Over the last month or so we’ve been taking some well known hits. It was released on June 29, 1989, as the second single from his second album, Repeat Offender.The song was a global hit, topping charts throughout the world, including the U.S. where it reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Today we decide to share a top Chinese song I'm Here Waiting For You.This is a popular Chinese song.In fact, this topic is normal that not only in Western music but also in Japanese and Korean music.Both of them exits the two complete risky way to show that include slow shot or staunch with moral integrity.But if you listen more Chinese music about them, you would be tired. Singer: Anson Hu 留給我一望無際的思念 English Tranlation Name: I'm Still Waiting For You. shuí zhī yī zhēng yǎn jiù bù jiàn 牽著你 不斷旋轉 伴著音樂 Many songs I translated in the past two years are not on the list. And darling you don't have to worry nobody else will do G7 I know this waiting can drive me crazy C G Don't mind the waiting it's nothing new C D7 G For I'll be telling every-body I'm waiting just for you G7 Maybe a long time before I see you C G So we can do what we used to do Oh  忽明忽滅 eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'echinesesong_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',115,'0','0'])); But this song I'm Here Waiting For You show the same topic that emerges more modern characteristic.After all, as a Chinese singer in a new generation, maybe Li Wei has the same emotion like a normal music fan to traditional Chinese love songs. Required fields are marked *. zhí dào yǒng yuǎn / When I stuttered all my words / And I know that made you laugh / And the way you flicked your hair / And I saw the smile you had / Yeah, I Composer: Anson Hu ( Holding your hand, constantly revolving, ) While I'm waiting for you Five, six, now my heart's just fixed As I picture all your charm Seven, eight, you're at the gate And you walk into my arms Nine, ten, kiss me again Tell me you get a thrill Just as I hope you will While I'm waiting for you One, two, button your shoe … English Translation: DeniseJF