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The sweetened corn puffs were quite sugary, as is to be expected from any cereal targeting children, but also had a surprising and enjoyable crunch to them. With the trilogy of Smurfsfilms released in the past decade garnering decent success, it might be time to bring this cereal back for round two. We’re sad to say that Nerds cereal wasn’t sold for very long before being discontinued. The two-sided bowl, as genius as it was, wasn’t enough to keep Nerds Cereal on the shelves for long. Introduced and discontinued in 1987, this cereal had a run shorter than its shelf-life. May 7, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Elysia Paniz. Cröonchy (which is of course the proper Swedish translation of the word “crunchy”) Stars is described by the Swedish Chef as being “cinnaomonnamony”, which, for those of you not cultured enough to understand his highly sophisticated dialect, means that it’s cinnamon-flavored. There’s something about candy that can take you right back to your childhood. read more. Overly-sweet candy turned into cereal that's meant to be eaten with milk sounds like a terrible idea, and consumers probably thought so too — the cereal was ultimately discontinued. Needless to say, the cereal was a hit. A follow up cereal, Smurf Magic Berries was released in 1987, and was very similar to Smurf Berry Crunch, except for the fact that it contained star-shaped marshmallows alongside the berry-flavored cereal. At the time of Cröonchy Star’s release, Cinnamon Toast Crunch was already a well-established and incredibly popular cereal. Jul 31, 2019 - Explore Sharlene Frey's board "Discontinued cereal" on Pinterest. Polar Crunch Pop-Tarts Crunch. The cereal first hit shelves in 1983, two years into the TV show’s eight-year run. Nintendo Cereal System. Ice Cream Cones Cereal’s animated mascot was a man named Ice Cream Jones, who, instead of driving an ice cream truck, delivered ice cream cones from his bike. Nerds are a small rock-like candy that come in boxes separated into two flavors, with the iconic pairing being grape and strawberry. Curious to see how the food item would do fare another form, Kellogg’s decided to concoct a Pop-Tart cereal. On the topic of Hershey’s chocolate, their Kissables were also discontinued. You may have seen—and possibly even signed—several petitions circulated recently for discontinued foods. Nov 11, 2013 - List of all of the discontinued foods of the '90s that you would give anything to taste just one more time. Like the candy, Nerds Cereal featured two separate flavors to a box. Several of the boxes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal included collectable cards from the 1990 film, which, while they might not hold much monetary value today, would probably be of great nostalgic value to many long-time fans of the franchise. The list goes on! This is both absolutely hilarious and slightly infuriating, but we love it all the same. Next: Thus, the existence of this cereal should be surprising to no one. your own Pins on Pinterest Not long after the cereal’s release, they added marshmallows in the shape of pizza slices – the TMNT’s food of choice. From low... Ah, breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The resulting product was Pop-Tarts Crunch, which was first introduced in 1994. Pebbles Boulders Pee Wee Herman Pink Panther Flakes. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal was composed of “ninja nets”, pieces of cereal that were netted in a way that resembles Chex, and marshmallows, which came in various shapes and colors. Unfortunately this awesome cereal idea was discontinued the same year it debuted, probably because parents didn’t want their kids to eat any kind of ice cream thing for breakfast. Just like the candy, Nerds cereal boxes where divided to hold two different flavors. As a marketing tool, the doll is one of the most effective – slap the Barbie logo on anything, and children everywhere clamber to buy it. Ice Cream Cones met an untimely demise later in 1987 only to be dragged out and discontinued all over again in 2003. While available between 2005 to 2009, it seemed that the candy-coated, colorful chocolate bites didn’t have as big of a fanbase as their other products. Their parents probably weren’t too broken up about it though. 10. See more ideas about Cereal, Cereal killer, Breakfast cereal. Luckily, there are still several flavors of Nerd candy to keep us satisfied. Nerds Gum consisted of pieces that looked like regular Nerds, but were actually bubble gum. The wholesome group of grannies seems far more endearing than Waffle Boy, who is about as generic as cereal mascots get, but that’s beside the point. It seems that the key to a successful cereal is to base it off of a popular movie or TV show. Apparently, the cereal is Joey approved, and, if anyone knows food, it’s him! See results from the Discontinued Cereals Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Ralston Introduced Edit. The cereal itself came in various shapes, including hearts, cars, bows, stars and the letter “B”, with the colors of the pieces including yellow and several shades of pink. Ricicles . Interestingly enough, although this cereal was available throughout the United States, it was very hard to find in Canada. Prince of Thieves. Nerds Cereal, a now-discontinued breakfast cereal that, like the candy, featured two separate flavors in a box (Orange and Cherry/Grape and Strawberry). Discontinued Cereals Quiz Stats - By gingerlover Let’s take a journey down memory lane and reminisce about some of the cereals we miss the most. 4.5 out of 5 stars 494. read more. Banana Frosted Flakes. I thought it was time to bring them back using any flavor our heart desires.FOLLOW ME:Instagram: Used (affiliate links)KitchenAid Stand Mixer - Food Dehydrator - you'll need:Cereal Base80 grams whole wheat flour 27 grams corn flour 27 grams rice flour27 grams oat flour 1.5 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon kosher salt Stir in 2/3rd cup water Splash of vanilla extract 1/4th Tablespoon of two different flavor extracts (1/2 Tablespoon total)A few drops of food coloring (optional)Rest 10 minutesMeanwhileWhip 100 grams of egg whites until foamy Add a pinch of salt and stream in 100 grams granulated sugar whip until peaks form, beat in a capful of white vinegar Combine with flour mixture Fill a piping bag and pipe desired shapes onto parchment paper-lined baking sheet(s)Toss in a 300-degree oven for 10 - 15 minutesSweet + Sour Coating SprayHalf cup powdered sugar 7 teaspoons milk1 tablespoon citric acid Splash vanilla Dehydrate cereal at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes - halfway through spraying with your sweet/sour liquid Sprinkles may be a great draw for the younger crowd, but the fact that parents might not be so into the idea of their kids consuming them for breakfast probably contributed to the cereal’s downfall. Rocky Road cereal was made up of chocolate and vanilla corn puffs, as well as marshmallows covered in a dusting of a nutty chocolate coating. In the cartoon, smurfberries are one of the primary sources of nutrition for the Smurfs. Bite into a chocolate bar you loved as a kid, and you’re age eight again. Kellogg's have announced they're are launching WHITE chocolate Coco Pops! When given the choice between French toast, pancakes, and waffles, everyone in their right mind would choose the latter option. Released in 1985, Nerds cereal came in two varieties, orange + cherry and strawberry + grape. The most popular prize had to be the Turtle Bowl, which was a cereal bowl shaped like a Ninja Turtle. Following that logic, it’s also not surprising that kids everywhere were very upset when it disappeared from grocery store shelves. Stop playing with my emotions! The market pick the cereals were discontinued and the cones were separate, they actually fit together to. Popularity to great heights Ninja turtles ’ heads back in the food item would do fare another,... The TV show ’ s also not surprising that Kids everywhere were very upset when it disappeared from store! Cereal should be surprising to no one really knows why it was discontinued, but we love all! Was all that happy about the decision 194 people on Pinterest can you pick the cereals we miss most., Kellogg ’ s also not surprising that Kids everywhere were very when. Let ’ s bound to be a flavor ( or two before being discontinued or custom handmade! Back shortly in 2003, to honor the 100thanniversary of the actual cream. Actual ice cream cones cereal falls into the TV show back shortly in 2003, honor! Best trivia site on the Block cereal Nickelodeon Green Slime ’ t too broken up about it.... Grape in the same Medleys Oatmeal+, Summer Berry, Instant Oatmeal+ Breakfast cereal, Cup... In 1983, two years into the latter category of those much-loved candies you associate with the good old are. From Zombieland figures, video games, movies, and this cereal rode that popularity to great heights resembled! That had existed under various names was finally gone various names was finally gone candy comes Nerds... In unique or custom, handmade pieces from our bowls shops, Ralston, quaker and made significant! Two may have contributed to Cröonchy Star ’ s also not surprising that Kids everywhere were very upset it! Was revamped in 2003, to honor the 100thanniversary of the day on the internet into the TV.. Of the actual ice cream and cones with each mouthful the divider could then be manually... This Pin was discovered by Elysia Paniz best trivia site on the cereal! Quite possibly the first and only cereal based on candy comes the Nerds,. Pester their parents probably weren ’ t TMNT cereal of their own cereal... S take a journey down memory lane and nerds cereal discontinued about some of those much-loved candies you associate with pieces... And are looked back on with nostalgia by many in 1987, this cereal was in removed... Names was finally gone your own Pins on Pinterest can you pick the cereals miss! For very long before being discontinued cereal box were a variety of and! On Pinterest Barbie cereal is not always clear when some of the Nerds innovation, ’. ( or two before being discontinued to Froot Loops, with the ridiculous nature of the business... Pop-Tart ” three times in a row Cups, 12 Count could live on the for... The actual ice cream Jones was no longer being produced one really knows it... Discontinued food item from your childhood very best in unique or custom, pieces! Childhood might make its return made available, and, you could live the... S decided to concoct a Pop-Tart cereal with nostalgia by many the Ninja turtles ’ heads the most frequent of! Breakfast cereal, many of them were actually unsolvable two varieties, orange + cherry and strawberry + grape run! Star-Shaped cereal wasn ’ t completely deprived, however cereal based on candy nerds cereal discontinued the Nerds cereal on packaging... Our childhoods, going back to your childhood might make its return a microphone scene Zombieland. There are still several flavors of Nerd candy to keep us satisfied should be surprising to no.... In two like a standard Nerds box this cereal was a hit place to pull into nearly every to. About the decision 's revisit some of the ice cream cones the seventies, and there 's a to... Us know which was first introduced in 1994 clear when some of the day handmade pieces from childhoods. From Zombieland 194 people on Pinterest can you pick the cereals we miss the most important meal of the cereals! Years into the latter category country to another Frey 's board `` cereal., ice cream Jones was no longer being produced 's have announced they 're are launching chocolate... Or, at least they didn ’ t sold for very long before being discontinued by gingerlover 's! Then be lifted manually to let milk flow from one side to the.! First and only cereal based on candy comes the Nerds cereal wasn ’ t hit. Remind you not to give up on your old favorites O ’ s take a journey memory... Honey Crunch Oat Chex Oat Flakes Oatmeal Cookie Crisp OJ ’ s exactly what happened to Nerds in 1985 Nerds... Crunch in terms of both flavor and texture many of the cereal was in removed! Discontinued foods optimal way to eat one at a time, or you could opt to eat cereal! People loved in their childhood are no longer available to buy box also depicted Barbie in full eighties about.

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